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The maison Flowers Ukraine deals with flower delivery realm for a long time. We have assai exalted level of qualification. That’s why, we know the multiplicity of the business and possess enigma of prosperity. Thuswise for your comfort send bouquet to Kolomiya always lightsome – you will spare time, money and energy.

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We are experts with lots years of practice. Each participator of team - an operator, a florist, a courier or a programmer - gets the job done hurried and in essence. You can simply order bouquet to Kolomiya on our webpage, extract a suit bouquet of flowers or order luxury track. The prize thing is a unique bough-pot of flowers!

You can similarly buy gift, set of products, souvenir or present together with chosen flowers. Indeed, we author original greeting, take a picture right of receiving flowers and present other your requests.

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Foley express will deliver bouquet to Kolomiya at whatever time. You have a capacity to order a delivery in 3, 24 or 48 hours. At the individual request delivery man can work at special time and on holidays. You in a similar would see that the flowers are ever latest and the developed bouquet of flowers is alike as we suggest in catalogue. The secret of our advancement - orderliness, efficiency and professionality!

K: Heart of 39 Roses

Heart-shaped Rose bouquet in Kiev, Ukraine Kiev florists introduce you an exclusive flower composition. It includes ...
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $108.9 buy now

The First Date

Send bouquet "The First Date" to Ukraine To single out one single rose is a responsible job even for a pro...
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $17.99 buy now

I love you

Your love can be expressed in many different ways but one of the most effective ones is a heart-shaped bouquet of beautiful lo...
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $69.99 buy now

Sweets, Bunny and Roses!

This beautiful gift set including plush bunny, a box of chocolate sweets and a bouquet of fresh cut roses.
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $43.99 buy now

Hopes and Dreams

Share your hopes and dreams with your loved one with this stylish floral compositions of red and white roses. Send y...
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $43 buy now

Pink Roses Bouquet

Pink is the color of tenderness and romance. It shows exactly what you feel and there are no word to describe th...
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $23.99 buy now

Bear and Roses

Sweet plush surprise The Bouquet of the classic stylish red roses, complemented by a sweet plush teddy bear, ...
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $49.99 buy now

Heart of roses

Send Heart of Red Roses to Ukraine Numbers of roses in the Heart of Roses bouquet: 
Standart - 33-39 ...
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $100 buy now

Classic Red Roses

An elegant kiss for a Lady. A traditional presentation of roses, this bouquet is the perfect gift to be sent at...
delivery to kolomiya: free
Price: $24.99 buy now